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    Yule Log for the holidays
    European Birch Yule Log
    $125.00 $99.95

    European in style, Birch Yule Log perfect for the holidays.

    This decorative table top Yule log is the perfect center piece for your holiday table. Created using tall thin hand dipped Danish candles and a birch log harvested from central Minnesota, Artist Beth Moorhead created this Yule log especially for  Inspired by eGalleri’s contributor Trine Stolbin – this Yule logs makes a special occasion around the holiday dinner table even better.  Five holes with solid copper fittings hold thin red candles to represent mother nature’s goddess. This log may be reused year after year. Candles sold separately.  Made in USA.

    Shipping: FREE within USA
    Size: 8 inches/20.32 cm Long
    Materials: Bone, Glass Beads, Leather, Sterling Silver
    Artist and Artisan: Beth R. Moorhead
    Location Made: Studio | Minnesota, MN | USA
    ©2019 Beth Anderson Moorhead |
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