Our Contributors

Using mother nature as inspiration, our contributors create one-of-a-kind originals just for you.

We create one-of-a-kind originals, using natural materials, with a mid-west,  European influence. Each item our artists and designers create are an "original work of art", thus no two items are exactly alike - including those items from our boutique. Each one of contributors is selected based on their knowledge, skill and talent they can bring to our eGalleri clients. These contributors believe in protecting our land, water and the animals who thrive as part of mother nature - thus their ecosystem is the inspiration for their work.


Beth Anderson Moorhead

eGALLERi founder and owner of Moorhead & Co., Beth's career in fine art, design, marketing and business stems over 26 years. Painting  since age 7, she is a naturalist at heart. Beth Moorhead's love of nature and bold use of color in abstract and wearable creations can be seen her her work, found on eGALLERi, in homes, businesses and galleries throughout the midwest and internationally. Beth's blogs about the intersection between nature, design, marketing and how they relate to the society we live in.


Jerry Swanson

Jerry Swanson is considered one of America’s premier architectural photographers. His unique images are a product of his education in photographic design, dedication to his clients and years of shooting architecture, landscapes and yes even people (upon special request). Clients say Jerry has the uncanny ability to foresee the perfect shot even before it is taken - making each picture just that more unique.  Purchase his photographic art and imagery at eGalleri.net

Kimberly Kapla

Kimberly Kapla

Specializing in imagery that heals, this mother of five and former Army neonatal nurse, brings 22+ years of healing and naturalist photography experience to the eGalleri team. Based in Wisconsin, Kim creates hand-made cards use natural and unique papers and colorful elements, along with photographic images and inspirational copy.  Kim is also working on various books and inspirational quotes geared toward children with learning disabilities.  Kim's blog posts share new ideas, inspiration and hope for mothers coping with children with disabilities.

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Our Natural Road

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Trina Stolbin

Trine Stolbin

Residing in Copenhagen, Trine holds down our eGALLERi Scandinavian office. When she is not working as a Social Worker helping Denmark's displaced children she is busy connecting eGALLERi's artist work with galleries and collectors across Europe.  Check out her postings on eGALLERi's Facebook as she frequently captures the latest art and design happening in Copenhagen.

Annie Moorhead

Annie Moorhead

Currently studying Chemical Engineering at one of America's top engineering schools, Annie is observing and studying how chemistry affects a sculpture's shape, color and form - whether in nature or in a kiln being fired. Growing up among poets, writers and painters, Annie began her love of sculpting and pottery at age 12.  When not studying on her core major, Annie is busy working on her minor in Fine Art.  Her work can be found on eGALLERi and in private  homes across the United States.