Beth Moorhead

With over 20+ years marketing, sales and product management experience, Beth Moorhead has work with various size entrepreneurial and corporate entities. Including start-up and mid-size companies, major Fortune 500 companies, and at boutique and large  international ad agencies. Beth's broad experience brings businesses short and long term thinking with creativity and innovation that is focused on driving bottom line results with sustainability. When Moorhead is not working for a Fortune 500 or a cutting edge high growth tech firm, she is busy creating or helping businesses fine-tune their marketing while running eGALLERi.


Most recently Moorhead was with a software startup who developed a SaaS enrollment management system designed for the higher education industry. Her efforts increased the company's revenues by over 600% during her tenure, and established ongoing profitable alliances and partnerships with leading ERP, CRM and online learning technology entities. Moorhead also was able to forge deep relationships with  numerous non-profit entities, including international higher education associations.

While in Dallas, Beth's gained international experience with Southwestern Bell Communications (now AT&T) in Product Management leading cross-functional teams launching new wireless technology and managing channel and sports marketing relationships grossing over $3.2 million dollars in revenue.  Transferred to Dallas from Minneapolis Beth was also with DDB Needham, an international ad agency where she gained broadcast and media experience, including writing and designing ad copy, managing account teams and launching  Super Bowl ads. Agency experience includes working with clients such as Apple, GTE (Verizon), Pepsi, Wrangler, General Mills and Schwans. Learn more about Beth at LinkedIn/bethmoorhead.


Specializing in Integrated Marketing, Digital Marketing, and Design Consultation

Moorhead & Co.  is focused on helping businesses and non-profits succeed in today's hyper digital competitive landscape. Clients serviced include notables such as Southwestern Bell Communications, AT&T, GTE, Verizon, American National Bank, The Dale Warland Singers, Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra and small seasoned entrepreneurial and nonprofit businesses within the automotive, healthcare, arts and services industry.  Services offered include:

Integrated Marketing and Digital Marketing

At Moorhead & Co. we will help you understand the strategy behind the messaging you are trying to convey to your B2B and/or B2C audiences.  Strategic and Brand Development, Digital/Print Creation and Implementation services provided.

Strategy: Integrated, Mass Media, Direct Response and Digital, Content and Social Strategy
Brand: Identity, Creation, and Placement
Digital: SEM/SEO, Lead Gen, Lead Nurturing, Content Messaging, Social, and Copy Development and Execution

Design (Digital/Print)

From Websites, Company/Product/Service Logos,  Digital/Print Ads, Brochures/Sales Tools and Direct Mail - there isn't much Beth has not designed in her career. Plus we have access to some of the hottest talent in the country regardless of the industry you are in. Call us for a free consultation today. - Natural and Original Art and Design

An eCommerce Art and Design Goods Store

Started in 2014, eGalleri sells original art and design goods online. Every piece found on is an original. There are no two paintings, sculptures, jewelry, scarves, or interior design element that are alike. Since age 7, Beth has been painting, drawing and designing.  Growing up in Northern Minnesota naturalist at heart, Beth's work reflects her love of nature and her bold use of color in abstract and wearable creations. Her work can be found on eGalleri, in international homes, businesses and in Midwest galleries. Visit us online at or inquire at